Before we start diving into the tech specs, we are going to present you a few things which you should know as a publisher:

  • In Instant Articles, you can sell ad space to Facebook advertisers, for monetization purposes. Or sell ad space privately through the networks you have on your own.
  • Facebook is not planning to give the publishers the possibility of using Instant Articles preferential treatment in the news feed.
  • For Instant Articles, Facebook will also give analytics insights into reader engagement. You can share the data with third-party tools such as Google Analytics.
  • Facebook has developed an official plugin that Word Press users can use, to get their sites Instant Article ready.
  • You will not have to create some different content for this program. Facebook can just use your RSS feed and HTML markup, to convert your previously existing content into Instant Articles.

The publishers will also have to create or update their RSS feeds, to meet Facebook Instant Article guidelines.

Once the publisher updates the RSS feed, Facebook will have to approve the publisher, just by checking their latest five articles, to ensure they are ready for Instant Article.

But, in a situation when their articles are not approved, they will have to do the suggested changes, before they submit once again.