Duration: Minimum six months (The minimum commitment is six months because it’s going to take time to get results).

Coaching sessions: twice a month; each session is 1 hour in length and done via Skype.  We discuss where you are, how things are developing and make an action plan for you for the next two weeks.

Other type of correspondence: You will have access to me via email. If you have questions in between the coaching sessions, I’ll be here to help.

Cost: $850/month or $4800 for six months in advance.

The Selection Criteria and Application Process

I ONLY work with people who have demonstrated willingness to put in the work it takes to become successful.  That way, they don’t waste their time (and I don’t waste mine).

I am only working with 2-4 coaching clients.  This is how I make the determination:

  • You need to show me a proven record of working hard
  • Your niche and the topics of your blog correspond my values

These two factors are crucial to me and I will determine those through the Application form and a follow-up interview.

Do NOT apply if:

  • You are expecting an overnight success
  • You want me to do the work for you
  • You are not willing to work hard
  • You are not able to afford to invest financially in the growth of your blog
  • You hate animals J

The IDEAL candidate:

  • You are a hard-working individual and can prove that to me
  • You are super excited to have a blog as a full-time business
  • You can afford to invest financially in the growth of your blog
  • You LOVE animals J

If you are approved a slot in the ICP, we can move forward and you can make a payment.


  • It will be A LOT of work.
  • I will NOT be doing the work for you!
  • My expectations will be EXTREMELY HIGH!

Happy Blogging!


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December 2022